Telecom Infrastructure

Vastek has been supplying and installing the Communication Equipments in Telecom and Networking. Networking equipments are used to link a number of devices, such as computers, servers, workstations, printers, and scanners into a network (system) for the purpose of sharing resources.

‘Customer Delight’ is the only thing our support team knows and our no non-sense after sales support has won us repeat orders and referrals. While our competition lives on Cheaper Cost, we move into Customer’s heart by addressing concerns . Also continuously update on industrial changes, Upgrade security of products that enhances productivity of Personnel as well as control misuse.

We are supplying and installing the following products

    DSL, ADSL modem
    Fiber media converter
    Network routers
    Network switchs
    Network monitoring tools
    Network cabling accessories
    Networking cables
    Storage area network (SAN)
    LAN Cards & adapters
    Wireless access points
    Wireless routers
    WLAN Cards
    Fiber optic and copper UTP Patch Cords
    Fiber cables, Copper cables and UTP Cables
    Access Points
    WLAN Crds
    Power Over Ethernet Devices
    Media converters

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