Vastek Services and Solutions offerings cover the entire gamut of e-publishing and pre-publishing requirements. With our years of in-depth domain knowledge we are uniquely positioned to not only deliver conventional services such as Editing, Typesetting, Pagination, and Data Conversion but also high value software intensive services involving all forms of SGML, XML and likes.

Our offshore delivery model combined with state-of-the-art “Smart XML” workflow ensures cost-benefit, accuracy, quality and fast turnaround to primary publishers, content aggregators and database publishers.

Proven workflow, years of expertise ensure error-free quality source of meeting all your pre-publishing services. We offer the full range of services to meet your publishing deadlines, using all technologies such as SGML, XML, HTML and MathML to name a few.

Our services include:

            • Data entry for text, STM books and journals.
            • Substance Handling / creative content editing.
            • Styling- formatting / paginating.
            • SGML / HTML / XML tagging. TEX / LaTeX 2e Coding.
            • Structuring for web/ publishing: SGML / HTML / XML / CML / MathML.
            • Electronic Document Delivery - PDF / PS / SGML / XML / XHTML / DHTML / e-Book.
            • Design - Creation of Covers, Interiors and Illustrations.

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