Data Management & Conversion Services

In today’s fast paced business world, access to accurate and detailed information has become a necessity for every kind of business whether it is a small enterprise or a grand one. The information is an asset in any scenario. You need to have access to information that talks about your market, your customers and other factors that influence your organization in one or the another way. After all the better you understand your business, the more are your chances to progress.

Vastek offers you the following high-quality and cost-effective Data Management services :

Data Entry Services

Data entry is a fast growing industry in India. Our data entry work goes through a stringent quality process to assure maximum quality and accuracy to our clients. Firstly, the data is entered manually (from image or paper) or through computer-assisted data capture, using the following:

• OCR (optical character recognition)
• ICR (intelligent character recognition)
• MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)
• Bar code

The information is then checked by validation routines including table look-ups, data/range checks, and relationship validation. Processed documents are then sent to verification stations where experienced operators verify the accuracy of processed information. This product is then turned into Data, and finally this properly formatted Data (record layout) is quickly transmitted to the client's computer.

Here are the data entry services that we provide :

• Data Cleansing
• Data Mining
• Directory Services
• Data Services
• Data Capture

Data Conversion Services

We offer the following Data Conversion services:

File Format Conversion

We can convert all major file formats to the format of your choice including 2D graphics, 3D graphics, animations, movies, spreadsheets, databases, fonts, texts, documents, games, sound, music, and printers. We have expertise in doing all common conversion projects like Word to HTML, Word Perfect to Word, JPEG to TIFF, or PDF to Excel, etc.

Many conversion projects can be done with software. However, most projects require more than just clicking a convert button. Hence, we utilize a mix of software and manual techniques to ensure better conversion.

Document Conversion

We have expertise in digitizing content for the Web and converting word processing or typesetting document formats to other formats. Our Document conversion services include:

• Books to HTML, XML, XHTML, searchable pdf and MS Word
• Paper Documents/scanned images to MS Word
• Vectorization
• Scanning and conversion of paper documents
• Book Conversion
• Scanned paper reports/images to Electronic Format
• Image to xhtml and tiff to pdf
• XML Conversion
• Image cropping, enhancement using Photoshop and CS software

Document Digitizing

Document Digitization deals with the conversion of physical or manual records such as text, images, video, and audio into digital forms. Converting data into digital form and storing that on CD-ROMs or other suitable media allows the long term preservation of documents. Also, this allows orderly archiving of documents and easy access to the information.

Vastek provides a high-quality, customized Data Digitization services and offers flexibility and dynamism in the process by customizing your data as per your requirements.

Data Conversion

Our Data Conversion services include :

• Document Conversion
• File Format Conversion
• Book conversion
• XML conversion
• Internet publishing
• CAD Conversion Services
• Document preparation Handwritten, Machine Print, Reader Response
• Word Processing
• Image Keying
• Image Capturing
• Catalog Conversion (to digital format)
• COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk / CD-ROM
• Document Management / Imaging
• Document Warehousing
• Document Retrieval
• Document Workflow
• Mail Processing Services
• Scanning
• Electronic Recognition: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) & ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)
• Bar Code
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